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Air-Mazing Race 2017

Have you ever run on the street and found that you are breathing in pollution rather than the clean air that you desire? If so, this is an event that you should support: Air-Mazing Race 2017.

“It is a race that is inspired by a TV show, but it has unique features such as having an educational theme, the participants are teenagers and it is held in a modern urban center transformed from a military base,” explains Ms AJ Priela of iOpenhub Incorporated, event organizer of The Air-Mazing Race. "The Air-Mazing Race", a competition to raise awareness about air pollution, will be held on April 29, 2017, Saturday (8AM to 10AM).

It is a social responsibility activity of iOpenhub, which maintains www.TheFortCity.com, an online city guide cum community website that serves people visiting, working and living in The Fort including Bonifacio Global City, McKinley Hill, Uptown Bonifacio and McKinley West.

The race is organized for young people who are 12–15 year old and are living or studying in The Fort. They will compete in teams to look for a number of places (“stops”) in Bonifacio Global City. In each stop, the teams would need to either answer a question or perform a physical challenge in order to get the directions for the next stop. Around 20 teenagers will be participating in this 2- hour race. Teams from Leaders International Christian School and Global Leaders International School will be participating in the race.

“We want people to be more aware of how important clean air is. Every day we walk around and we don’t notice the pollution surrounding us. And with Air-Mazing Race, we hope our participants would learn about our advocacy while having fun,” said Ms Priela. Aside from knowledge and a fun-filled experience for the participants, there will also be cash prizes for the first three teams that would finish the race.

The event is made possible with the support from The Aboitiz Group, The Net Group, Regent Foods Corporation, and Healthy Family Purified Water.

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