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Anvil Publishing launches two books especially for mommies

Anvil Publishing's "Mommy Republic: Understanding Filipino Millennial Moms" by Edie Acedera and Kate Yu and "Baking Magic Together" by Maya Kitchen were launched on Mother's Day at the National Book Store in Glorietta 1.

Acedera and Yu collaborated to create "Mommy Republic: Understanding Filipino Millennial Moms" to help businessess better understand and serve a new generation of moms. Using quantitative research and countless in-depth interviews, the authors explore the fascinating psyche of Philippine millennial moms who are looking for more meaningful and targeted connections and brand experiences.

Likewise, Maya Kitchen's "Baking Magic Together" features 40 baking recipes for the whole family. The book also guides parents on how to involve their kids during baking, enhancing their basic arithmetic, vocabulary, and social skills.

"Mommy Magic!" is the first ever Mother's Day event initiated by National Book Store and Anvil Publishing with The Mommy Republic and The Maya Kitchen.

"Mommy Republic" is available for P495 while "Baking Magic Together" is available for P295 at National Book Store and Powerbooks. You may also purchase it online at www.anvilpublishing.com

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