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Birth centennial of two National Artists of the Philippines celebrated in Freeway's 2017 collection

For the first time since launching the National Artist Collectors' Series in 2009, innovative local brand Freeway is paying tribute to two Filipino National Artists with its upcoming collection.
Cesar Legaspi was born on April 2, 1917 in Tondo Manila. He is considered to be one of the pioneer “Neo- Realists” of the country. His early years in art started at the University of the Philippines where he took up painting for one term before he decided to switch to commercial art courses shortly after. His exceptional work earned him several awards and medals for his perspective and illustration projects.

Nick Joaquin, who was the very first inspiration for the Freeway NACS when it was launched in 2009, was born on May 4, 1917 in Paco, Manila. Joaquin was a staunch advocate of freedom and the artist. He began to spark curiosity and interest for his poems, stories, plays and his journalism under the pseudonym Quijano de Manila. His writings exude a high level of intelligence and are often provocative. It raised the country’s level of reportage as that form of writing was an unknown genre in the Philippines at that time. 

The collection will be launched later this month.

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