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Everything great about BDO's Travel Sale (June 3-5 SM Aura Premiere SMX)

If you're as passionate about travel as I am, then I suggest you head to SM Aura right now for the Great BDO Travel Sale.

I will say though that I'm not a fan of travel fairs/ expos especially those that require you to buy a ticket to get in. There's always a feeling that I'm just wasting my time because it's almost certain to be overcrowded especially when budget airlines are involved. Anyone can get in for at least P50 (with discount if you're a student or a senior citizen).

So as a rule, I try to stay away from similar type travel fairs/ expos.

Which is why I absolutely love the Great BDO Travel Sale. I can tell you, it's really just like taking a leisurely stroll going in. No lines because you don't need tickets! Because the only tickets that should matter during these events is the one with your name on it that says what your departure time is.

The entire area is relatively small compared to the one at SM MOA SMX, which is just right in my opinion because as I mentioned earlier, I don't like wasting time looking at too many booths only to end up going home with just an event wristband.

Here's a quick walk-through of the participating airlines: Philippine Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Air China, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, Air Asia, Jeju Air, and Qatar Airways. There are a few travel agencies as well including Rakso Travel, International Journeys Inc., and Trafalgar.

It's a shame that Emirates isn't participating because that would have been my first choice as I'm trying to earn more miles with them.

I was checking for the best deals to Europe for my travel in a few months' time and some of the best that I saw were those from Asiana Airlines and Air China.

I decided to go for Asiana Airlines because I heard great things about it and while waiting for my number to be called, I saw the company's Regional Manager Mr. Yong Han Cho, who I met during their presscon last March taking time to answer queries from potential customers.

Cathay Pacific has a Buy 1 Get 1 promo for couples who purchase short- and long-haul flights. Hong Kong economy tickets FOR TWO are just $180 for select flights. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver can be had for $1360, London (Gatwick) for $1330, Paris, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, London (Heathrow) for $1430, Johannesburg for $1660, and Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh for $1180. 

PAL is offering 500 Mabuhay Miles for free if you sign up.

To get a feel of what you can expect when you go there, check out some photos below:

Below are some more deals being offered:

And at last but not the least, one of the best things that The Great BDO Travel Sale has to offer is the one offered by the bank itself.

If you're a credit card holder and you are worried that your credit may not be enough to purchase a roundtrip ticket to the US, Europe, Middle East, or New Zealand, then simply go to the BDO booth at the event venue and ask for a TEMPORARY CREDIT CARD INCREASE.

I didn't know they did that!

Simply present your BDO Credit Card and a valid ID and tell the good staff there the amount you wish to add to your credit and they will do the rest. In an hour or less (fingers crossed) you should receive an SMS that your application has been approved.

By Monday, however, don't be surprised if your credit limit goes back to its original amount (which is also good for your own security I guess as you wouldn't want to go on a shopping spree all of a sudden ahead of your trip hehe).

So there you have it. If you're looking for great deals on airfare, I highly recommend going to The Great BDO Travel Sale right now. As soon as you've purchased your ticket(s), you can also join the raffle for more free airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and a few more that I heard over the PA system but couldn't remember. 

To know more about the promo mechanics, go to https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal/credit-cards-promos/view/great-bdo-travel-sale

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