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Jetstar's latest in-flight entertainment is one for the books

Who doesn't love a good read? Whether short or long-haul flights, it's always a good idea to have a book in hand to help pass time.

But fret not if somehow you forgot to bring that new title you bought because Jetstar is launching an initiative that's sure to bring your love for books to greater heights.

Jetstar's Big Book Swap will have you looking forward to your flight as hundreds of books donated by the National Library Board, MPH Bookstores, Select Books, Book Point, and Write Editions will be distributed to passengers on Jetstar flights at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

You can take the book with you on your holiday but be sure to place the book in the seat pocket in front you you the next time you fly with Jetstar. You can likewise donate a book if you wish! Just ask for a sticker from a Jetstar crew and place it on the back of your book and leave it in the seat pocket.

This campaign kicks off on July 30, Singapore's inaugural National Reading Day and will run until August 31, 2016.

I do have a few books to donate and I'm looking forward to participating in this one when I fly with Jetstar in August.

Jetstar's Big Book Swap is held in conjunction with the National Reading Movement, organised by the National Library Board, Singapore.

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