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Jose Cuervo Especial Silver and the Origins of Margarita

One of Jose Cuervo’s greatest contributions to the world of alcohol is the Especial Silver ®. Crafted by the masters at La Rojeña, this clear and impeccable offering balances the subtleties of agave, fresh herbs, and caramel. It can be savored on its own, chilled or on the rocks, or as a mixer to a classic and pallet-pleasing cocktail.

Compadres, there’s no better way to truly savor the taste of Jose Cuervo’s® world-famous Especial Silver® than in a Margarita. For as long as tequila has been enjoyed, there has always been a few who have dared to extract its purity in order to take the agave flavor to new, uncharted places. No other drink, in the hundreds of years of tequila distillation has won as many hearts as the Margarita.

Its tradition dates back to the late 1930’s in a small speakeasy between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico where a bartender by the name of Carlos Herrera concocted the first glass for one of his regulars, a certain Marjorie King. Now, Marjorie was a dancer, a very popular dancer and she was allergic to almost every form of alcohol, except for tequila.  So, Carlos Herrara, obviously looking to impress this remarkably beautiful woman, crafted a drink that not only fit her tastes but also embodied the characteristics that made her such a unique woman. And from there, the famous drink was born.

So, in the spirit of the Margarita, Jose Cuervo® presents it’s Silver Margarita; a chance for people of all kinds to truly savor this icon drink at its purest by utilizing Especial Silver. Tequila at it’s purest and most potent form, Especial Silver is an unaged ‘blanco’ that contains over 51% Blue Agave.

Silver Margarita:


2 parts Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part triple sec
Lime for garnish
Salt for rim


•      In a shaker, add ice, Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver, triple sec and fresh lime and shake well!

•      Run lime wedge around the rim of the glass and dip salt into the glass.

•      Add ice to the glass and strain in contents of the shaker.

•      Serve!

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