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Indonesia's UniPin ventures into Philippine gaming market

UniPin Online Game Voucher, the biggest and most favorable brand in the Indonesian online gaming industry, is looking to strengthen its presence in the Southeast Asian Gaming Market by venturing into Philippines.

Today the online game market for the Southeast Asian gaming industry is experiencing a tremendous growth and this has motivated UniPin to begin a new chapter in its digital journey and move its expansion to the Philippines as a way to cater to the growing online gamers of this region.

Demand in the online gaming market further geared us to develop and build the greatest gaming community for this region, in particular to provide a regional eSports platform for the local Philippines gamers to connect with Southeast Asia gaming communities and to support the creation of a healthy eSports lifestyle among the young generation.

To kick start its Southeast Asian vision, UniPin along with local partners in the Philippines SM Cyberzone, will organize eSport competitions across the country while TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. will distribute UniPin Online Game Voucher for the gaming market here.

"There are numerous questions as to why we chose the Philippines as our first milestone to enter the Southeast Asian countries," said Mr. Ashadi Ang, the CEO of UniPin. "A vision, a dream to merge the gamers experiences in Southeast Asian countries, while it may sound impossible, with our experiences, commitments and high dedication, we are optimistic to make our dream come true."

"A big dream starts with a leap of faith and the courage to act, and we start this leap with the Philippines. We foresee that UniPin will merge and connect both the Philippines’ gamers’ experiences with the Indonesian’s gamers community and together bring forth the gamers’ community in both countries to a higher level," continues Mr. Ang.

With its vast game titles, UniPin is committed to create the greatest online gaming community in the Southeast Asia region, by first embarking with the Philippines, through its international-class flagship and favorite products such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG), Dota 2, League of Legends, Battlenet Club, Nexon Karma Koin, and many more games to come.

“Currently, UniPin partners with more than 300 game publishers worldwide and has a total of 10,000 game titles. This enables us to serve 30 million gaming communities which is in line with our slogan 'One for All, All for One',” Mr. Ang said much enthusiasm and confidence during the Press Conference in Manila recently.

UniPin will collaborate with SM Cyberzone in hosting a nationwide eSports tournaments starting in June 2018. The tournament winners will then be flown to Jakarta to compete in UniPin’s eSports Cup for the Southeast Asia, which will take place sometime in October 2018.

To support its presence in the Philippines, UniPin will also work in cooperation with other Philippines local companies to provide a comprehensive payment channels such as 7-Eleven, Globe, Smart, Dragon Pay, TNC cybercaf√©, SM Dept / supermarket, Bayad Center, Axiapedia, Globe G-Cash & BPI Bank, and many other payment channels.

For more details visit www.unipin.com

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